The project partners were welcomed at the LEB office in Weimar. They were greeted by the project managers who made participants aware of the work of the organisation, specifically European and national work of the LEB.

The partner organisations were also introduced (LAEA, GEN and ONECO) through posters that represented the organisations, explaining structures and work fields. The management handbook was looked at by all partners. Both the Kick-off meeting and the Management Handbook were considered to be an important tool to understand the project: aims, target results, tasks, periods and deadlines, working days and responsibilities.

During the second day, the project partners developed posters and introduced the current situation of occupational orientation of young people in their country, the various situations were discussed amongst the various partners and similarities were found, this led to a stronger collaborative way of thinking to improve the issue through the project.

In addition each partner received an organised timeline plan of working days and times, a form of the participant list for project meetings, multiplier events and learning activities.

Transnational Meeting SOFIA The partners introduced methodologies and examples of good and successful practices. The dissemination plan was introduced and discussed, this involved show casing leaflets and newsletters used to advertise the project, as well as introducing the website for the project.