Bulgaria. Association Generations

Association  GENERATIONS  is an organization for adult education from Sofia, Bulgaria.Our Association worksfor people from all ages, by building social bridges, addressing variety of topics related to an aging workforce and intergenerational learning- to develop and realize soft skills trainings, diversity management,to enhance work-lifebalance and the compatibility of work with care-giving responsibilities.
We try to assist the process of managingthedifferences in the light of the demographic changes. We do research, develop andimplement the experiences, principles and policies, connected with coexistence and communication between different communities, the principles of civilsociety and gender mainstreaming, European policies and values, contributing to building social bridge in the frame of the implemented LLL projects.

Bimec (Business Management Consulting)

Bimec is a training institute which creates space for members of different backgrounds to meet and learn about business, leadership, personel development, cultural differences etc. with focus on improving skills, knowledge and competencies. Bimec supports mobility and encourages young people to cross borders and make new friends, to break stereotypes and strengthen tolerance, respect and solidarity.

Bimec gathers the opinions of young people and represents them towards stakeholders through campaigns, lobby actions, conferences and membership in bigger advocacy platforms.

EMC (European Management Centre)

The European Management Centre /EMC/ is working in the field of VET and services offered for SME’s – especially Strategic Management – Company Development, Modern Marketing and Customer Relationship Management, Cost Efficiency Strategy, Team Motivation, Logistics Management etc.

European Management Centre has a license from the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training for 25 professions in the field management, finances and tourism. After finishing the educational program the trainees get state recognized certificates for vocational qualification.

Communication experts

Communication experts is training and consulting company providing professional expertise and advisory services in personnel search and selection process and optimization of human resources management models.

Communication experts works with the objective to assist companies, non-commercial organizations and individuals to maintain a level of professional skill enabling them to compete in the ever more challenging global market place.


Tanya Gebova

124-B Tsar Samuil Str. Sofia, Bulgaria
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