There are people who are working with youngsters all over Europe. They are social workers, educators, pedagogues, vocational counsellors, helpers for youngsters with special needs or heritage, volunteers of institutions and associations that work with youngsters etc. They have the task to support and to attend to young people by orientating and planning their professional way and life. But they have just little methods and tools to motivate and support young people individual and appropriate.

The Handbook and the e-Handbook compiles and systemises methods, tools and good practice approaches that will facilitate persons working with young people to motivateand support young people’s occupational orientation. Methods, tools and good practice approaches have been compiled and tested by our practice partners. After the testing period the methods and tools have been edited with recommendations on possible actions based on the feedback of the practice partners in a way that also practitioners without an explicit pedagogical education can implement them. As an action guideline it is available for practice partners, practitioners and further stakeholders. The handbook includes 27 methods, tools and good practice approaches.