Germany. Ländliche Erwachsenenbildung Thüringen e.V.

The LEB (rural adult education) is a provider of general and vocational adult education and acknowledged by the Thuringian ministry for education. Since more than 10 years the LEB deals with European education and training and focuses on increase of access of disadvantaged (young) people to Lifelong Learning.
We initiated innovative projects to integrate low skilled young people into the job market. We are strong experienced in supporting youngsters with lacking motivation to learn and work. In order to be successful in those processes the LEB had to learn to be very flexible and creative in using innovative approaches and methods. The LEB is engaged in cooperative learning and promotes heterogeneous learning groups to enrich all learners – the strong ones and the disadvantaged ones. We are experienced in providing skills regarding innovative learning methods to adult multi-players like teachers and trainers. The LEB has useful contacts to stakeholders and decision makers and involves them into projects, including social partner, companies, communities and institutions like the Thillm – the Institute holding the responsibility for further education of teachers in Thuringia.

Current we work in a national project founded by the German job agency. Thereby we support and accompany young people from different European countries to integrate in a vocational training and the job market in Thuringia.

Local expert group (has to be continued):

  • Thepra Landesverband Thüringen e.V. – NGO, runs amongst others Kindergartens, schools, educational institutions and school social work in Thuringia
  • Regelschule Dornburg – secondary school
  • Frauen- und Familienverein e.V. Arnstadt – NGO, women and family centre
  • Beratungszentrum Lucie e.V. – NGO, advisory centre for women and seniors
  • Sport clubs
  • German Red Cross
  • ÜAG GmbH – certified institution in the field of initial vocational and further education
  • Cultures Interactive e.V. – NGO, intercultural education and violence prevention
  • Weimarer Mal- und Zeichenschule e.V. – NGO, art school (one 1ft he oldest in Germany)


Ländliche Erwachsenenbildung Thüringen e.V 

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